International Driving Permit

International Driving Permit

International Driving Permit

Your Passport to Overseas Driving

The International Driving Permit (IDP) is recognized worldwide as a valuable document identifying motorists as legally-licensed drivers, in the country they are travelling.

The International driving Permit (IDP) is recognized in many countries, and  IDP could facilitate convenience when renting a car.

The IDP contains translations of driving terms used in various languages and can help drivers communicate with car rental companies and other authorities. The IDP is also a useful form of identification as it contains a photograph of the driver.

Who Can Apply

Indian driving license holders intending to drive in a foreign country can apply for an IDP. An IDP is valid only for one year from the date of issue.

Don’t apply if:

Applicant does not hold a valid Indian Passport and driving license from the local issuing authority of the applicant’s location. (Currently, WIAA offers this service at Mumbai, Pune & Ahmedabad).


P.S.: WIAA is the only authorized organization to issue IDPs in India apart from the local RTOs..

It has been found that some third parties are selling IDPs that are not genuine.
We wish to notify members of the public that WIAA is the sole issuing authority, apart from the RTOs, recognized by the FIA and the State Government for the 1949 Convention International Driving Permit.
It is a criminal offence to issue, handle or be in possession of an illegitimate IDP. Internet surfers are advised against applying for IDPs that are being sold illegally on the web. The sellers of these forged documents are not only breaking the law but are also endangering the identity of the applicant.

How to apply

WIAA offices located at Mumbai, Pune or Ahmedabad are currently issuing IDP to WIAA members only.

Step 1: Become member of WIAA. (Apply online for membership or visit WIAA office)

Step 2: Download IDP form, fill it and walk in to WIAA's Mumbai, Pune or Ahmedabad office

Eligibility Criteria

  • Get your WIAA Membership card

  • Download the form & check the list of countries that recognize the 1949 CONVENTION INTERNATIONAL DRIVING PERMIT. Apply if you are traveling to one of these countries only.

  • Indian driving license, issued at Mumbai / Pune / Ahmedabad for the respective location of application.

  • Valid Indian Passport with Mumbai / Pune / Ahmedabad for the respective location of application

  • Carry 4 recent passport-size photographs (photo size: 3.5cm x 3.5cm)

  • Submit above documents and Fee of Rs.1590/- inclusive all takes at WIAA Cash counter (Cash or Cheque, in Favor of “WIAA”

  • Payable at the application location. i.e. Mumbai/Pune/Ahmedabad).

  • Post verification of your documents, you can collect your IDP as per the deadline provided while submitting the documents. (Generally, the IDP will be processed and issued within a day or two of the document submission.)

 Important Notice:
  • Processing time is 2 working days from the date of application submitted to WIAA. Hence please submit your documents well in advance to before you plan to depart.

  • WIAA reserves the right to reject applications in the event that applicants fail to produce or submit the necessary documents.

  • Address on Passport and Driving License must be same as per the location of the application.

  • IDP is valid for one year only, if you are already abroad at the time when your IDP is about to expire, then the IDP cannot be renewed until you travel back to your location of application. WIAA advises you to plan your IDP application accordingly.

  • WIAA wishes you a happy journey and healthy stay during your travel.

  • If you are travelling to North America, then you might need the AAA membership card for fabulous discounts while you are in North America. Contact us for more details. Click here to visit AAA website.

Download  Membership Form Here

Make sure you are Road Safe.

List  Of  Countries  Recognising  International  Driving  Permit


Curacao (Netherlands Antilles) Ireland


Croatia Israel


Cyprus Italy


Czech Republic Jamaica (For PrivateVehicles)(2)

Antigua***(Leeward Is.)

Denmark Japan


Dominician Republic (for 6 Months) Jersey


Djibouti (See France Territory of the AfarsaandIssas) Jordan


Ecuador Kamnpuchea


Egypt Kazakhstan


El Salvador Kenya

Bahrain (1,2)

Equatorial Guinea Korea (Republic)


Estonia Kuwait (1)

Barbados (1)

Fiji Krygyzstan


Finland Laos


France & French Monaco Latvia


Overseas Departments Lebanon


Gabon Lesotha (1)

Bolivia (1,2)

Germany Liberia

Botswana (Former Bechuanaland)

Ghana Liechtenstein*


Gibraltar Lithuania


Gambia (1) Luxemberg

Burkina Faso

Greece Libya


Guate Mala Macau

Canada (1,2)

Guernsey Madagascar

Cayman Islands

Guinea Malawi

Cape Verde Islands

Guinea – Bissau Malyasia

Central African Republic

Guyana Mali


Haiti Malta


Honduras Mauritania


Hong Kong Mauritius


Hungary Mexico


Indonesia Morocco

Costa Rica

Iceland Mozambique

Cote d’Ivorie

Iran Myanmar (1)


Nepal Sudan


Surinam (Former Dutch Guiana) New Caledonia


New Zealand Sweden

Nicaragua* (for 30 days)

Switzerland Niger


Syria Namibia


Taiwan Oman


Pakistan Togo


Trinidad and Tobago (1,2) – For Pvt.Vehicls Papua and New Guinea


Paraguay Turkey


Uganda Phillipines (for 90 days) (1)

United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) (1) (For Private Vehicles)

Poland United States of America

Portugal (Incl.Madeira and the Azores) (1)

United Kingdom Qatar*** (1)

Upper Vota **

Romania (1) U.S.S.R


Vatican City San Marino


Saudi Arabia Vietnam

Sao Tome and Principe

Western Samoa Senegal (for Private Vehicles) (2)

Windward Islands

Seychelles Yemen (Arab Republic)

Sierra Leone

Yemen Rep.(1) Singapore (1)

South Africa

Zaire (Former Congo) (Kinshasa) South West Africa (Namibia)


Spain Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)

Sri Lanka (Ceylon)


is not party to the 1949 Convention on Road Traffic, but recognizes 1949 International Driving Permits.


the provisions of the 1949 Convention were extended to this territory prior to Independence, but the now state has yet to confirm officially that it accepts these provision.  However it does recognises 1949 International Driving Permits.


is not party to the 1949 Convention on Road Traffic, but recognizes 1949 International   Driving Permits.  Certain formalities must be accomplished on arrival.

  • Certain Conditions or time restrictions apply.

  • For Private Vehicle only.
    1949 International Driving Permits are valid for one year from their date of issue.  However,   the state in which the visitor is driving may limit the period during which an International   Driving Permit is recongnized for each visit of that state.  In any case, the length of the   visitor’s stay is determined by the validity of his visa or authorized length of stay as a visitor.

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