Is it worth filing a claim for a minor dent?

Is it worth filing a claim for a minor dent?

It is always sensible to weigh whether the damage is worth filing a car insurance claim for or is it smarter to wait for another claim-free year.Many of the minor auto-related issues like scratches, door and bumper dents caused by minor car accidents or unforeseen natural disasters can be fixed without costing you big bucks.Reliance General Insurance brings you a check-list of common car problems and their surprisingly simple solutions.

Chip on my Windshield

Chips are one of the most common types of damage on your car. Sooner or later, most windshields get hit by a pebble or stone that might cause a small chip or crack. However minor, it is potentially dangerous if it is in the same line of the driver’s vision, and also results in emphasizing glare on the glass.

Small chips are easy to repair. If you are far away from the city, the first thing to do is to put some clear plastic tape over the crack to keep away dust, mud, and bird droppings as these later interfere with the repair. Then tend to the crack as soon as possible.

A long scratch on my car body

This is by far the most common nuisance faced by everybody, more so if your car is parked outside the building. You can of course choose to ignore the marks, provided you rub your finger gently over the scratch and cannot feel any great depression.

If only the surface clear coat isblemished, a gentle polish can hide it perfectly. However, for a deep scratch, painting is the only way to make it less noticeable. Of course, you can try out your painting skills with the nearest matching fingernail polish available in your home, or better to take it to the nearest garage.

Dent on my car!!!

For just a mere dent with no serious damage, the best idea and advice is to get it fixed, rather than file a claim. Do remember not to try doing it yourself as it may make it worse! Take your car to the nearest garage and pay out-of-pocket for the removal of the dent.

In most cases, it is advisable to cover the cost out of pocket and not filing a claim for the same, because fixing a dent costs less than your car insurance deductible.

How can I avoid getting dents in my car?

Following some simple rules will help you to avoid dents as much as possible. When parking your car, try to look for an area with little traffic.Be a polite parker when you do need to park next to someone and always keep a safe distance always from the next car.

Try opening your door carefully and giving yourself enough room to do so while parking since you do not want to dent someone else’s car and yours at the same time.

Watch the weather report. If it looks like a storm is brewing, keep your vehicle sheltered. Keeping your vehicle in a garage is always a good idea even during the day if not travelling.

Avoid gravel road and roads covered with rocks as they speak of trouble when it comes to dents on vehicles. Rocks and gravel can chip paint and cause scratches as well.

My Car is dotted with Stubborn Sap

Do not fret if you are unable to wash the stain with normal soap and water. There is a simple yet magical solution to this. Pour a drop of rubbing alcohol directly on the sap spot, rub with your fingertips, and watch the marks disappear. No need to rinse, either. The alcohol will evaporate.

Let go of smaller claims

Never rush to make a claim for every small dent on your car. You are entitled to a no-claim bonus (NCB) for every claim-free year. If you don't make any claim on your car insurance policy for a few years, the NCB can reduce your premium cost by as much as 50%. Many a times, it has been seen that what you spend on repairs in the garage could be less than the amount you stand to lose as no-claim bonus.