Are you aware of your car insurance policy?

Are you aware of your car insurance policy?

Over and again you will come across advices like “do a double check before signing any papers”. Apart from the documents of insurance policy it is difficult to really know what is in the product disclosure statement ( PDS ). The PDS describes the protection of your insurance coverage and also the the terms & conditions that will be going to apply. And giving a detail look in all the required documents is important because tomorrow when you would require a claim you should know what you are eligible for, and what might stop your claim from being accepted.

Are you Covered?

Most of the complete insurance coverage protect you from losses or damages due to any sort of accident, a storm, flood, fire and robbery. Complete car insurance policy will also protect you for damages you create towards third party property. However, insurance policies vary on the amount of money you will be protected for, in terms of your own belongings, keys, after-accident treatment, towing, storage, accommodation and rented car.

Characteristics of car insurance policy-

Car rental alternative: Most of the comprehensive insurance policies provide minimum rental car offer if your vehicle is thieved, but not in a case where your car was broken in other respects listed in the insurance policy. This additional feature will give you secure feeling or comfort in your business and even in your lifestyle which will never be affected by the problems of not having a car for whatsoever the reason*.
Zero Claims discount Protective cover : This feature covers the no claims rating, that you have worked very hard to develop for. This means that your no-claims rating is not affected by the claims that you simply carry out ultimately help to make in this particular insurance coverage period .
* Note that the facts and information presented are merely generalisations. Some insurance provider will provide more or less choices which are also subject to terms and conditions and not mentioned right here. Advantages of each and every option can actually be more or less than what seemed to be mentioned. The value of options is generally included in your premium so when you are after cost-savings & what are the benefits you may well think about foregoing.
Actual value of your car: The price of the car according to the documents of insurance policy are sometimes so high that the amount of money which is your insurance provider will pay out on a claim for damages or losses. The price is calculated either by the car’s market value or the value agreed upon by you or your insurance provider at the beginning of your insurance cover . The market price is figured out once the loss or damage was incurred as well as displays the cost of your car will retrieve in the market given its mileage, version, type and age.
Adaptations: In case you modify your car and inform your insurer regarding this , the price of your insurance policy may increase . On the other hand if you modify your car and forget to disclose this to your insurer then you might not need to pay on a claim to restoration those modifications or just in case the car is thieved, your insurance policy might be totally invalidated .
Exclusion clauses: There are lots of exclusion clauses that might involve particular claims and even to the over-all insurance policy and these are generally described in your PDS . Even though if you do not have an car insurance protection plan yet , you might be in a position to get the PDS of a potential car insurance online by the insurance provider .