Motoring Services

Motoring Services


All matters concerning the Motor Taxation, Transfer of Ownership of Motor vehicles and claims for tax refund are handled by the Association.

The W.I.A.A. collects and pays taxes to the authorities. This is a very popular service which is utilized by every member as it saves them considerable time and trouble.


WIAA with the help of the RTO issues Learners License for the Members. Application of the driving license is accepted at WIAA Office. WIAA also has a specialized team to help the members through the license being done.

WIAA also provides License renewal and Booklet-to-Smart Card conversion services to its members. No need to go to RTO office, all process done at WIAA office.

  • While applying for License please ensure these points:

  • Address proof should be from the same locality as you are applying for the license

  • You should hold a valid membership with WIAA

  • Minimum age limit for application:
    o   For 2-Wheeler (Non Gear) vehicles – 16yrs and above can apply
    o   For 2-Wheeler (Non Gear) vehicles – 18yrs and above can apply

  • Make sure you are well trained to take charge of the wheel and promise to adhere to road safety under all situations

WIAA also undertakes training courses for Drivers. WIAA runs a school of motoring to groom Road Safe drivers for a safer society. All trainings are undertaken as per the standards specified by the Ministry of Surface Transport (India).

You can now get reminder when your driving license is about to expire. Just fill up a form and let us know when your license expires… & we will send a reminder to you 2-weeks prior to the license expiry date. *This service is only available to WIAA members.

In the Case of company member, these facilities are available to the “Users”

Issue Of Learners License At WIAA

For the benefits of members, WIAA with the help of the RTO issues Learners License for the Association’s Members.

Application of the driving license will be accepted by the office from an individual member or his family member.

Applicant must have completed 16 years for riding mopeds and 18 years for learning other vehicles and produce, adequate proof of age.

In the Case of company member, these facilities are available to the “Users”


Once the completed reminder form is lodged with the office, the member will receive a notice two weeks before the expiry of his driving licence. The renewal of licences for the members is also undertaken.


The Association undertakes to pay fines for traffic offences at the Various courts in Mumbai on behalf of members after receiving theRequisite amounts from them.


Advice is available on any arising out of the use and ownership of motor vehicles, such as disputes with insurance companies, liabilities for accidents on the road, interpretation of the taxation, traffic and other rules.


Membership of the W.I.A.A. carries with it virtual membership of all Automobile Associations in India, so that wherever a member may be, the services of those Associations will be extended to him.


Buying a used car is very often a matter of luck but the element of chance can be reduced to the minimum if the expert surveyors retained by the Association are consulted. The fully qualified Assessors retained by the Association examine any used car thoroughly and submit, at a moderate fee, a general report on its condition including its market value. However, the Association is not responsible for non - acceptance of the report by a third party.


The Services of the motoring school which is located on the ground floor of the Head Office adjoining the Road Service Department are available to members, their spouses, unmarried daughters and sons up to the age of 21 on payment of such fees as may be fixed for the purpose from time to time. Students are taught on a dual control car and the whole emphasis of the driving course is on safe driving procedure and observance of the current traffic regulations.


Due to many accidents taking place in India W.I.A.A. has decided to run courses of Safe Driving. It is a one day course which will be conducted by Mr. Ambe and Mr. Pandey. Request for the same can be directly addressed to Mr. Ambe or Pandey from our Training Department.


The Association has Rest Houses located in the premises of the Pune and the Ahmedabad Offices. The Rest House at Pune has three rooms, one of the rooms is air-conditioned, while the one at Ahmedabad has one room with air-condition and attached bathrooms. Booking of Pune Rest House can be made at Head Office while booking at Ahmedabad Rest house can be made only at Ahmedabad Branch. Tariff rates at Pune are for A.C. double is Rs.1000/- per night perday and for the non-a/c it is Rs.750/- per night per day.-, booking is done one month prior to occupation self contained.


WIAA in collabrtion with the Ahmedabad Education Society and castrol India Limited had set up the WIAA Castrol Institute of Motoring at Ahmedabad. The Institute’s main objective is Human Safety on Road”. The Various types of Classes are being conducted at Institute as follows:

  • Car Mechanism

  • Safe Driving Courses for New Drivers

  • Safe Driving Courses for Bus Drivers, Heavy Vehicle Drivers and Paid Drivers

  • Practical Driving Training Classes.

  • Drivers Carrying Hazardous / Chemical Goods Training.

Check institute details



Our Motoring Magazine will be online on our Web Site: This Magazine can also be emailed to member on request.


  • Laser cut stencils.

  • One time process within 15 minutes (most economic and safe).

  • Easily visible to cross check with registration plate.

  • Reduction in theft and fraud (theft deterrent).

  • Quick check for stolen vehicle.

  • Six glasses etched, (too expensive to change all glasses by thieves ).

  • Insurance rebate up to Rs. 500/- on comprehensive insurance if available thro WIAA.

  • One time etching fee of Rs. 500/- with free WIAA membership for 2 years.


You can now convert your booklet licence in to Smart Card & renew your Driving Licence at WIAA office.